Welcome at our brand NEW website!

We use a very old version of Joomla and a much older template.
In these days, PHP version 8.1 is required to run a Joomla website but... our old website doesn't run anymore with PHP 8.1... so... a new start!


New software development

We had sometimes issues with our broadcast tool. Sometimes it crash and the whole station goes down. It's a problem that exist and we know it. But... after a while, right at this moment, KissFM tests other software and maybe, if we know how it works and it's stable enough, we gonna use it. Right now we are testing it... more te come...


New website information

Update: June 23th
After hours of reading documentation, we finally have our stream avialable with the SSL-protocol. You can see a new player at the bottom of this page and with some luck, it plays our live stream! Wiehooo!!! The ONLY disadvantage is that the player stops when you browse to another page on this website. So, we gonna look for a solution for this. If you know any free Joomla player that had this feature, please send us an E-mail.


Update: June 6th.
After a few hours we finished our new website.

BUT! One thing is not finished. We like to have an online player on our website. Todays browsers do NOT accept radiostreams without a SSL-connection. That's a secure connection between your device and our servers. This website use a SSL-connection, but NOT our streams. So, most of the browsers (except Firefox and maybe others) do NOT start the online player.

We have to look for a solution for this.

We advise you to listen directly to our stream by clicking HERE.